Class Style:

engaging. tough. fun. 

Having worked in pharmaceuticals for many years, specifically in pain management, Thea realized she wanted to help people stay healthy in the first place. She became a Certified Personal Trainer and focuses on pushing her clients limits with LOTS of total body calisthenics! In her spare time she can be found running around central park with her dog, hiking upstate or exploring new restaurants around the city. 




What’s your guilty pleasure? Rice crispy treats (homemade people!).

What’s your favorite thing about Studio 360? The tight family feel the studio has. Seeing familiar faces is such a nice treat in NYC.

If there was one thing you would tell your students, what would it be? Give yourself credit for showing up. Now give it all you've got!

What's your favorite cocktail? Moscow Mule. 

Schedule: Wednesdays 7:15-7:45 and Friday 6-6:30. Click HERE to book.