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After years of being frustrating sitting at a desk, staring at a computer all day, Mick decided to do something about it. He quit the desk job, jumped into fitness and hasn’t looked back since. He loves generating endorphins and combines some amazing beats to kick your a//, make you sweat and have you feelin’ great for the rest of your day!




What’s your guilty pleasure: Pre-dawn motorcyle rides

Favorite cocktail: Ice cold beer

If there was one thing you would tell your riders, what would it be? Resistance is where the magic happens.

Most embarrassing experience teaching a class? I tried to jump off the bike to help a rider, but one of my cleats didn't pop out and I wiped out in front of everybody {casually gets up like nothing happened}

Schedule: Fridays 7-7:45am The Ride and 6-6:45pm The Ride. Click HERE to book.