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Born and raised in New York, Ali's always been an athlete and dabbled in both training and group fitness right after high school. It wasn't until she took a cycling class on her lunch break from a desk job she hated, that she fell in love with the sport and decided to quit and focus on it full-time. Here she is 7 years later and lovin' every minute of it! 

It makes her feel grateful to make a difference in someone's day every time she sees sweaty, smiling faces thanking her for a class. Join her for a ride that'll feel like a party that kicks your a@@! 




What did you want to be when you were a kid? A mermaid.  

Spirit animal: Pomeranian.

What is your favorite thing about Studio 360? OMG smells so dang good! And also the black lights in the studio 😎 

What is your favorite quote? "Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations."

What's something no-one knows about you? I used to be a hip-hop dancer :)   

What's your favorite cocktail? Extra dirty martini or anything that involves champagne.